iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cyber Monday Deals

iPhone 6 PlusThanks to the millions of people lining up on the streets to get the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the expectations are obviously so strong that arguably no smartphone could ever live up to them. However, Apple has set very high standards for this smartphone system and there is little doubt that if any company could meet the incredibly high expectations, it is Apple. And what’s better than getting the world’s best smartphone for free on T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday sale.

iPhone 6 Cyber Monday
The old saying, “bigger is better” certainly applies to the iPhone 6 which has grown substantially in size compared to its iPhone 5 counterpart. At nearly 5.5” long and 2.6” wide, the iPhone 6 is basically the same size as the Samsung Galaxy 5 and perhaps a little thinner as well. However, it is very user-friendly design that offer clean, smooth lines and no clutter. The 4.7” screen is simply beautifully designed in which everything looks better thanks to the 1334 x 750 pixels. In fact, the very phone itself feels more polished and beautiful, making it one of the most attractive designs available today. Continue reading “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cyber Monday Deals”

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cyber Monday Deal

Samsung Galaxy Note 4The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has hit the stores and it has certainly generated a considerable amount of conversation. The 2K screen, Snapdragon 805 processor and more powerful camera certainly places it among the most successful releases of the past 2 years. Now you can get up to 90% off this smartphone on T-Mobile Cyber Monday.

The 5.7” screen is the same as the Note 3, but the 2K display means a 515 pixel per inch count that is simply remarkable when it comes to clarity and color. This is also because of the AMOLED display which offers better results than the typical LCD panel. This is especially true when it renders black as the display actually turns off the pixels for the best resolution. In fact, the colors may be a little too vibrant, but that is only by comparison with other smartphone screens.

The body of the Note 4 is also impressive as it has a softer, more tactile feel thanks to the faux-leather on the back. In fact, the Note 4 feels almost luxurious in your hands which is a welcome change from the all-metal smartphones produced by other companies. The 3220mAh battery is a nice addition as well which makes it work for many hours of normal use before it needs a recharge, outlasting the Note 3 despite having more features. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cyber Monday Deal”