iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cyber Monday Deals

iPhone 6 PlusThanks to the millions of people lining up on the streets to get the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the expectations are obviously so strong that arguably no smartphone could ever live up to them. However, Apple has set very high standards for this smartphone system and there is little doubt that if any company could meet the incredibly high expectations, it is Apple. And what’s better than getting the world’s best smartphone for free on T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday sale.

iPhone 6 Cyber Monday
The old saying, “bigger is better” certainly applies to the iPhone 6 which has grown substantially in size compared to its iPhone 5 counterpart. At nearly 5.5” long and 2.6” wide, the iPhone 6 is basically the same size as the Samsung Galaxy 5 and perhaps a little thinner as well. However, it is very user-friendly design that offer clean, smooth lines and no clutter. The 4.7” screen is simply beautifully designed in which everything looks better thanks to the 1334 x 750 pixels. In fact, the very phone itself feels more polished and beautiful, making it one of the most attractive designs available today.

It must be noted that there is nothing revolutionary about the iPhone 6, but it simple does everything the iPhone 5 did better. The A8 processor is faster which makes launching apps and playing games notably quicker. Plus, there are M8 sensors that track your steps and where you are located as well. Throw in all of the subtle improvements and you have a better smartphone in the iPhone 6.
If there is a real standout feature, it is the new sensor for the 8MP camera that allows you to shoot excellent photos even quicker. In fact, the sensor is so good that you do not see the camera focusing which is quite remarkable. You can even shoot slow motion video as well using 1080p HD at 240 frames per second which is simply amazing.

This is easily the best iPhone yet from Apple as it does everything that the iPhone 5 did, only much better.

iPhone 6 Plus Cyber Monday
If there is one thing you can say about the iPhone 6 Plus is that it is big. In fact, it even makes the standard iPhone 6 look rather small by comparison. The very screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is bigger than the iPhone 5S in total. However, does size really matter that much when it comes to your smartphone?

Basically, the iPhone 6 Plus is the iPhone 6, only bigger. So big that it gets a larger battery as well that can operate for about two days under regular use. The 5.5” screen is simply stunning, although it is probably no better than its competition in terms of pixel density.

However, the size of the iPhone 6 Plus does make it a little cumbersome to operate until you get used to balancing the phone correctly. Plus, the mono speaker is located where you want to put your hand in balancing the phone to your ear which is not good at all.

Otherwise, the iPhone 6 Plus carries many of the same characteristics as the iPhone 6 and does so quite well. Both phones are a step up for Apple and will have consumers craving for the next iPhone series also. Both phones are deeply discounted with $0 down and low monthly during the TMobile Cyber Monday promo.

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